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Diesel Engine Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Diesel Works - Your Dealer Alternative

Diesel Works is a diesel engine repair business in Fort Worth, Texas, that is dedicated to building brand loyalty and providing excellent customer service for diesel engine service and repair. Our company growth is based on satisfied and repeat customers and their referrals. Call us today for courteous and professional service on your auto engine. We also provide heavy-duty service.

Owner Marcelino Martinez III

"My lifelong goal is to own my own repair business and be able to provide the quality service customers deserve. I look forward to meeting you and building that strong relationship based on trust, loyalty, and friendship."
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Look over our service rates and prices for the various services we perform. Labor costs are calculated by the hour and determined by the size of your vehicle. Service prices are also calculated by the hour and priced by the service requested.


Review our gallery of pictures showcasing our diesel engine service and repair. We service heavy-duty equipment as well.
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